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Welcome to AI Cognitive Ventures (AICV)

At AICV, we are committed to transparency and compliance in all our operations. Below are important disclosures and policies for our investors and website visitors:

General Disclosure

AI Cognitive Ventures (AICV) and its associated funds operate independently and are not affiliated with or endorsed by any external organization. For detailed information, please refer to our Legal & Privacy Policy.

Video Policy

The content presented here is intended primarily for prospective investors considering involvement with AICV funds. It is crucial to understand that the information provided should not be used for purposes other than investment considerations. Formal investment decisions should only be made after consulting the specific offering documents, which detail significant risks, terms, and other critical information. Access Offering Documents.

Testimonial/Endorsement Policy

Testimonials and endorsements featured on this site are given by individuals in a non-compensatory arrangement but who maintain a beneficial relationship with AICV. These views are personal and do not reflect the experiences of all AICV investors or the companies we invest in. Please note, testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. Some endorsers are affiliated with companies that have received investment from AICV and may seek further funding, presenting a potential conflict of interest. The selection of testimonials is based on these relationships and is not random. Learn More.

Investor Portal Update Policy

Investor portfolio data on the AICV Investor Portal is updated quarterly, providing timely and accurate information on your investments.

Performance Disclosure

The overall performance of AICV venture funds may not represent individual fund performance or the experience of all investors. All investments carry risks, including the potential loss of principal. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for AICV Funds includes various factors and is net of all management fees and incentive allocations.

Additional Information:

Risk Disclosures: Investments in AI and technology ventures involve specific risks. 

Regulatory Compliance: AICV adheres strictly to SEC and IRS regulations, ensuring the highest legal and ethical compliance standards. 

Data Privacy & Security: Your privacy and data security are paramount.  

Language and Accessibility: This website is designed to be accessible to all our visitors. 

Policy Updates: The information and policies stated here are subject to updates and revisions. We recommend that you keep regular reviews to stay informed.

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