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AI Cognitive Ventures (AICV) firmly believes that investing in Syndications is most effective within a broad venture portfolio diversified by stage, geography, and other factors. However, we recognize that venture selection is educational, engaging, and a valuable skill for investors to develop. It also offers an opportunity to enhance your AI portfolio in sectors or stages where you feel you need to be more represented or want to focus more.


All Syndications are investments sourced and sponsored by an actively managed AICV fund that has negotiated an extra allocation or where we have an extra pro-rata allocation. Each investment has passed AICV’s review process at the sponsoring fund level. The exact nature of each Syndication will vary, but it will reflect a variety of the ~12~24 investments AICV makes yearly.

Every syndication opportunity is also invested in by at least one of the AICV funds. Our solutions are tailored to enterprises’ domain-specific, industrial-scale business problems to drive growth, savings, and unprecedented insight.

AICV Syndications

AICV Syndications are regular investment opportunities that AICV brings to its investors. They allow you to gain exposure to a single AI startup to personalize your portfolio.

As an AICV investor, you can choose how frequently you would prefer to see Syndications and which opportunities you want to participate in. Minimum investments typically are $25k.

Sample Syndication

NOTE: Syndications are private investment opportunities in single-asset or multi-asset funds, which give you a chance to gain exposure to specific private companies where AICV Funds will also invest. Opportunity availability is governed by AICV management based on member preference, calendar, availability, allocation, and other factors.

Professional-Grade Venture Portfolios

The manager of the AICV Funds is AI Cognitive Ventures (AICV), a venture capital firm. These materials are provided for informational purposes only. Securities are offered only to accredited investors pursuant to each fund’s offering documents, which describe, among other things, the risks and fees associated with the Fund that should be considered before investing. The funds are long-term investments that involve a substantial risk of loss, including the loss of all capital invested. 

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Opportunities to invest in any security (of a Fund, of AICV, or in a syndication offering) are not a guarantee that you will be able to invest and are subject to all terms of the specific offering. Diversification cannot ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. It is a strategy used to help mitigate risk.

AICV offers smart, simple venture investing to accredited investors. Specifically, AICV provides a path for individuals to own an actively managed diversified venture portfolio with a single investment co-investing alongside experienced VC firms led by some of the most renowned names in venture capital. We co-invest with Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, NEA, GV, First Round Capital, Union Square Ventures, and another 50 VC firms.

Traditionally, with limited investment capital and contacts, individual investors have had limited access to desirable deals alongside experienced VC firms, and even if they could access one or more such deals, it would take excessive time, money, and negotiation to build a diversified portfolio. With AICV Funds, investors can choose from some funds to make a single investment to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of investments selected by an experienced manager. AICV Funds’ simple fee mechanism permits investors to avoid constant capital calls throughout the fund's life, as in other private investment vehicles. 

How It Works

NOTE: AICV reserves the right to change Syndication terms at any time, and there can be no guarantee of the nature, timing, or frequency of offerings. So, as you know, not all Syndication opportunities will be available to all investors.

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