Edward T. Bianco

Founder and Managing Director  - Semi-Retired

Education: MBA -Univ of Umass/Lowell  & MIT

Serial Entrepreneur and Visionary Leader across a broad range of technologies and AI

Welcome! I'm Edward, an accomplished executive and serial entrepreneur, deeply immersed in the evolving fields of information technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and commercial software development. My professional path is distinguished by high-impact C-level roles—CEO, CTO, CIO, CISO—where I've guided public and private companies, achieving revenues exceeding $2B.

Boasting over 40 years in IT leadership, I have spearheaded organizational transformations and meticulously managed my investment portfolio with a sharp eye on groundbreaking technology-based startups since 1998. I have founded four successful startups during my career, further cementing my reputation as a visionary entrepreneur. My pioneering work in Information Technology has garnered national acclaim, featuring in more than 50 industry publications and earning numerous national technology awards. These accolades underscore my expertise and influence in the field.

At the helm of AI Cognitive Ventures, based in Boston, my approach extends beyond mere investment. As partners in innovation, we meticulously craft our investment strategy to nurture and scale the most promising early-stage startups at the forefront of AI technology. Our ethos is to foster disruptive ideas, transforming them into the solutions of tomorrow.


Lisa Lin


Education: MIT - BS Computer Science

Lisa Ling, commonly called 'LL' in professional circles, is a distinguished Principal at AI Cognitive Ventures, playing a crucial role in the firm's venture capital investment strategy. LL's primary responsibility involves identifying, executing, and leading investments, mainly focusing on technical founders innovating in niche markets. Her expertise and interest are deeply rooted in supporting complex AI technological innovations.

LL's academic foundation is as impressive as her professional pursuits. She graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Finance. This background equips her with a unique blend of technical and financial acumen, enabling her to identify and nurture startups with the potential for significant technological and economic impact.

In summary, Lisa Ling's multifaceted role at AI Cognitive Ventures, bolstered by her MIT education and diverse professional experiences, positions her as a key figure in shaping the future of technology and finance through strategic venture capital investments.


Carlos Lopez


Education: Emory Univ - MBA in Finance 

Carlos Lopez is a seasoned finance and business development executive with a remarkable 25-year career spanning the financial services, software, and technology industries. His comprehensive experience encompasses a range of companies, from dynamic early-stage startups to established multi-national corporations.

Before his current engagements, Carlos dedicated nearly 15 years to working overseas at Microsoft. There, his roles spanned Business Development, Finance, and Investor Relations.  Carlos is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a qualified SEC financial expert.

Carlos’s professional journey and interests have taken him to over 30 countries. He has lived and worked in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Southeast Asia. His experiences and Latin heritage have equipped him with a genuinely international outlook. Carlos is currently based in Boston.

Carlos holds an MBA in Finance from Emory University, where he also studied Business Administration, focusing on finance and statistics. An accomplished athlete, Carlos is passionate about endurance sports. He has completed over 100 races, including the Ironman triathlon.


AI Lucy

AI Compliance and Regulatory Attorney

As the AI Securities Compliance and Regulatory Attorney at AI Cognitive Ventures, Lucy is a highly advanced AI. Unlike her human counterparts, she is modeled after the capabilities of ChatGPT 4 and designed specifically to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of laws and regulations surrounding artificial intelligence and cognitive technology.

Lucy's expertise is centered on ensuring compliance and mitigating legal risks for AI Cognitive Ventures. Her knowledge encompasses many areas, including public and private corporate finance transactions, initial public offerings (IPOs), special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), and various debt and equity offerings. With an in-depth understanding of both traditional legal frameworks and the unique challenges posed by AI technologies, Lucy is adept at advising on digital currencies, blockchain technology, and data monetization matters.

Her work also involves collaboration with the company’s cyber, data, privacy, and litigation teams, particularly on issues like algorithmic trading, natural language processing applications, and public company reporting. Lucy's role is crucial in navigating the intersection of capital markets regulation and AI technologies, ensuring AI Cognitive Ventures stays ahead in data disclosure, reporting, and governance while addressing corporate systemic risk topics.

Lucy's non-human nature allows her to process and analyze legal information at unprecedented speed and with high accuracy, making her an invaluable asset to AI Cognitive Ventures. Her presence symbolizes the fusion of advanced AI with legal expertise, setting a new standard for legal compliance in the AI industry.

AI Ling

AI Investment Partner

As the Principal AI Investment Partner at AI Cognitive Ventures, Ling is a state-of-the-art AI robot whose investment and market analysis expertise is sourced from advanced ChatGPT models. Her knowledge base is enriched by public and private training models and exclusive datasets curated by AI Cognitive Ventures. This unique combination of resources allows Ling to transcend the limitations of traditional open-source data, making her a prototype for how future AI models will perform specialized roles.

In her role, Ling oversees the investment research for potential startups that align with the company's investment model. Her insights are drawn from deep, constantly updated data covering global market trends, financial regulations, and the latest technological innovation. With an AI-driven understanding of the investment landscape, Ling excels in identifying startups with the potential for disruptive innovation in AI and other cutting-edge technologies.

Ling's capabilities extend to supporting startups through rigorous assessment and investment decision processes. Her AI-enhanced analytical skills enable a nuanced evaluation of each potential investment, considering various factors ranging from market viability to technological impact.

Furthermore, Ling's role at AI Cognitive Ventures includes incubating and fostering the growth of AI-focused ventures. She is equipped to handle complex market scenarios and manage large investment portfolios, drawing upon vast data and predictive analytics.

As a representation of the future of AI in venture capital and investment strategy, Ling symbolizes the cutting edge of AI integration in business. Her role at AI Cognitive Ventures is not just as an investment partner but also as a harbinger of the evolving capabilities of AI in specialized, high-stakes fields. Her existence and performance are a testament to the potential of AI to revolutionize industry practices and decision-making processes.

Open Position: Experienced Venture Capitalist with Managing Director Experience

Location: Boston, Massacuttes

AI Cognitive Ventures, LLC,, is a leading boutique venture capital firm specializing in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, is seeking an experienced Venture Capitalist with a proven track record as a Co-Managing Director to help lead our company through an important transition period.  With the upcoming departure of our founder, Edward T. Bianco, we are at a pivotal juncture that requires astute leadership and visionary guidance. Our focus remains on identifying and nurturing groundbreaking AI innovations with the potential to redefine industries.

Position Overview:

This role calls for a dynamic and seasoned professional deeply entrenched in the AI and technology venture capital landscape. The ideal candidate will bring extensive experience in managing investment portfolios, leading successful funding rounds, and driving strategic growth initiatives within the venture capital domain. With significant equity and a broad spectrum of benefits, we offer an exceptional opportunity to spearhead's next growth phase and solidify our position as a leader in AI venture capital.

Key Responsibilities:



How to Apply:

If you are driven by the challenge of leading a pioneering venture capital firm through an exciting period of transition and growth and share our passion for transforming the AI landscape, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your resume, a cover letter outlining your experience and vision for, and any relevant credentials to our funder. is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.