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Our next fund will open to existing and new investors on October 1, 2024.  

 AI Cognitive Ventures (AICV) Pioneering the Future of AI Investments

Our Vision: AI Cognitive Ventures stands at the forefront of AI innovation, actively shaping the future of artificial intelligence. As a recognized leader in AI venture capital, we aim to catalyze groundbreaking advancements while consistently delivering superior returns to our investors.

Investment Thesis: AICV has established itself as a premier destination for accredited investors seeking high-potential opportunities in the AI sector. Our proven track record of successful investments across key AI domains sets us apart in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Key Differentiators:

AICV Fund Structure

Fund Fee Structure: 2- 20 Plan

Investment Strategy

Key Features

Leadership led by Edward T Bianco, a pioneer in AI investments with over 40 years of experience, our team combines deep technical expertise with proven venture capital acumen.

Syndications Program

Competitive Advantages

Investment Horizon and Exit Strategies Typical investment horizon of 5-7 years, with potential exits through acquisitions, IPOs, or secondary market sales.

Risk Management While optimistic about AI's potential, we acknowledge the inherent risks in early-stage investing. Our diversification strategy and expert due diligence aim to mitigate these risks.

Regulatory Compliance: AICV has operated for seven years in full compliance with SEC regulations for venture capital funds, providing peace of mind for our investors.

Join the AI Revolution:  Become part of an elite group of investors at the forefront of technological innovation. With AICV Funds, you're not just witnessing the future unfold but actively shaping it.

Please reach out to our investor relations team today to learn more about our current fund offerings and secure your place in this exclusive opportunity.